My Life in Burlesque: A Photo Finish

It started when I was 15 or 16: a perpetual discomfort at having my photo taken. No, I’m not some kind of international spy or superhero. I wish.

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Dr. Deah ja Vu All Over Again

Every January, for the past 4 years I have posted this video on my Facebook page. Each year, I hope it will be obsolete. Each year I DREAM it will be the last time I blog about this and that I will get flooded with emails, texts (and now tweets @dr_deah ) begging me to, “Drop it already Dr. Deah. That’s old news!!! It doesn’t happen anymore. Move on to another cause.” With Healthy Weight Week around the bend on January 20th and not enough change to render this video extinct, I find myself in the position to once again post this classic video from the Tri Delta folks. Read More Dr. Deah ja Vu All Over Again

Our Bank Accounts, Ourselves

For the past two years or so, I’ve been putting a lot more effort into money management. While my bank account is by no means where I want it to be, and my habits are far from perfect, I feel like I’ve finally gotten to a place wherein I believe that I’ll be able to achieve my financial goals. And from that place, I’ve begun to see that getting out of debt and spending wisely isn’t so different than ending emotional eating (or emotional not eating) habits and getting to a healthy weight, something I have a lot of experience with.

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One Last Sunburn

I’ve been a sun worshipping beach baby for as long as I can remember. I’ve slathered on baby oil and tanning lotion on beaches up and down the West Coast, from Seattle to Newport Beach, and at lakesides from tiny, little Fern Ridge in Oregon to the Great Lakes. And I’ve been sunburned. Oh, how I’ve been sunburned. Never on purpose, of course, but those rays are unforgiving, the water an enemy of sunscreen, and baby oil? Well, we all know what that did to us.

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Admitting To Having A Problem

*Editor’s note: the following post may be triggering to those with disordered eating.

It is so easy to shrug off one’s own experiences, to frame them in a way where they don’t sound so awful or as extreme as they were or could’ve been. Read More Admitting To Having A Problem

How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Don’t

I recently asked my friends, my internet friends that is–who asks their real life friends for advice these days?–what they do to make themselves feel good when they simply don’t.  Maintaining a positive self image is rough in a world in which we’re bombarded with eat this, do that, tan, don’t tan, have you tried Pilates?, eat dark chocolate, make dark chocolate face masks, wash your hair, don’t wash your hair, a lot of shampoos give you cancer, no seriously have you tried Pilates?,  you should eat better, don’t you find it oppressive that you’re the only person in your house that cooks?, I can’t believe you still do Pilates, you should really try cross training. You all know how it is. You live it every day. Read More How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Don’t