The Caress of Steel

It’s 2 a.m. again. I am fighting my never-ending battle with insomnia. Comedy is my first line of defense: Patton Oswalt and Aziz Ansari comedy albums help me through the night. At some point during my 2 a.m. restlessness, I click through to my friend’s blog. The words hit so close to home that my eyes turn into spigots. (TW: Suicidal thoughts, self harm)  Read More The Caress of Steel

The Sneaky Misogyny and Homophobia of #cutforbieber


For every awesome thing the Internet does, you can almost guarantee that ten truly horrific things will pop up to cancel your renewed faith in humanity. As much as the online world can be a haven for some, it can be a hell for others, as we’ve seen in numerous accounts of cyberbullying and the like. Currently, the #cutforbieber drama has my full attention, and not just because of my fascination with Internet culture or my interest in mental health. It’s because #cutforbieber speaks to me as a lesson in misogyny, homophobia, and the Internet. Read More The Sneaky Misogyny and Homophobia of #cutforbieber

Fucking Perfect: On Loving and Being Helpless

Trigger warning: This piece (and video) contains frank discussion of depression and self-injury.

The other day, I was celebrating my classes being over by sitting on my couch in my pajamas all day, watching TV, catching up on all the Internet goodness I’d missed while working on papers, and in general being lazy, sloppy, and a little smelly.  I was in a good mood.  In my Internet wanderings, I happened across a link to Pink’s video for “F*cking Perfect,” which I had not seen:

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Persephone Pioneers: Patricia Adler

Patricia Adler regularly studies what many shy away from: deviance, drug use, and labor in a rapidly globalizing world. She is Professor of Sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well an author, and the winner of the 2010 George Herbert Mead Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction. Her work has been published by Cornell University Press, The Sociological Quarterly, and New York University Press. Her most recent book, which she co-wrote with her partner Peter Adler, is called The Tender Cut: Inside The Hidden World of Self-Injury. The Tender Cut examines physical acts of self-destruction and self-injury, like cutting and burning, as well as the history behind self-injury, and how it has changed within the current cultural context. It’s an honor to have spoken with her and to have her on our site. Persephone Magazine, please welcome Patricia Adler.

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