Why Do We Need Ballet to Be a Sport?

In late July, the athletic wear company Under Armour unveiled a new ad campaign featuring gorgeous badass ballerina Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theater. The campaign, titled “I Will What I Want,” immediately became the subject of much publicity and discussion all over the Internet. Countless outlets, including USA Today, announced it under the headline, “Under Armour Settles Whether Ballet Is A Sport.” So here is my question: why is this a question?

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On Politics, Government, and Semantics

For the average person, politics and government are pretty much synonymous. At the very least, they belong in the same breath, “politics-and-government,” two concepts that always go together and occupy the same space in your mind. For folks like me, they’re two very different things. Read More On Politics, Government, and Semantics

Global Warming, A Rant

I need to borrow you guys for a minute.  I am a Liberal living in a red state, and if one more of my husband’s right-wing friends posts something on Facebook about how global warming must be bogus because it’s snowing in Georgia I will hit them with a brick. Read More Global Warming, A Rant