Why I’m Giving Roseanne Barr the Side-Eye

In Roseanne Barr’s recent article for New York Magazine the actress recounts her years as the star of the ’80s laugh-track sitcom Roseanne and how, contrary to her reputation, she found fame to be the real bitch along with all the bitches in the television industry that will tear you down, rip you off and sell you out. Read More Why I’m Giving Roseanne Barr the Side-Eye

Recap: America’s Next Top Model, Episode 16.9: “Stuff Too Boring to Make the Regular Show. Oh, and a Virgin Sacrifice.”

Ooh! Are you snmassing yourself with excitement? Grab a cleansing tissue, Persephoneers, for I’m going to recap the clip show that you probably got pissed off at last night and didn’t bother watching. I’ve never actually watched one of these “hey, let’s slap some unused footage together and call it ‘never-before-seen’ or some shit” episodes of America’s Next Top Model. But tonight, I’ve got my drank courage on. Let’s see how many of the eliminated moddles’ names I’ve forgotten. My guess: all.
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It’s the Weekend Oprah Thread!

So, um, April Fools! I don’t think we fooled anyone for more than a second or two, but today was a lot of fun.  We did not get purchased by anyone, so we’re all still working for internet hugs.  And no worries, we’ll be back with our regularly scheduled shenanigans on Monday, which also happens to be our six month birthday.  Read More It’s the Weekend Oprah Thread!

On Optimism

Meghan’s post on New Year’s resolutions, in addition to being awesome, got me thinking about my own attitudes about the New Year. I didn’t have any adorably ambitious resolutions as a child, but I did catch on to the whole spirit of renewal that comes with a new year, at least in part. Read More On Optimism

My Downsized Uterus

This is a piece I wrote a few days before I had a hysterectomy to treat a prolapsed (meaning it burst through the cervix like an alien baby through a Nostromo crew member) fibroid tumor.   The surgery started at the exact same time as President Obama’s inauguration,  I made the joke during surgery prep that I was losing my bush in the last moments of the Bush administration.  Read More My Downsized Uterus

Gonna Party Like It’s…

Like most people, I hated high school. The spring of 1999 was mostly uneventful. I minded my business the best I could as I served out the rest of my time. I went to prom with some douche from one of the boys’ high schools in the area who I met on the internet back in the good old days of AOL on 28k dialup. The music was terrible, the girls were bitchy, and I never heard from him again. (My dress was fabulous, though. Lavender was big that year, but mine was a gorgeous, Pepsi can blue. Man, I love that color. In fact, it’s the same color as the sash on the wedding dress I just ordered.) In June, I graduated and never looked back. That was the summer I was seventeen.
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