Shoe Shopping When You Have Huge Feet

Clothes shopping can be tough because I’m fat, but I do know how to sew and if worse comes to worst, I can create clothes for myself. Bra shopping is a pain, but at least no one will see those bras (without my permission). But shoes. Shoes. I’ve worn an 11 in women’s shoes since I was about 12 years old. And short of some cobbler elves helping me out, it will never stop sucking.

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Things to Wear on Your Feet This Winter

Much like things to wear on your head this winter, things to wear on your feet go from downright practical to the wonderfully fanciful. I often struggle in winter because I love to wear heels, but I also like to be warm, so finding the perfect heeled boot that gives me lift without making me almost die on my way from car to office is essential.

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Lunchtime Poll 1/25

Today’s poll is about clothing items you can’t quit. I’m not talking about the things that sit in your closet that you can’t bring yourself to throw or give away. I’m talking about the things you wear regularly despite the fact that you know they look terrible.

I have this horrible pair of clog-like shoes that I wear all the time. Not just on frumpy weekend-days. I wear them to bars. I wear them to work. I don’t want to bash the company who made them, so I won’t call them by name, but they look a lot like Liz Lemon’s bi-curious shoes from 30 Rock Season 1. They make me look like I have clown feet, but they’re just so damn comfortable.

OK. Your turn.

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