A Playlist of Relationships and Breakups

While creating an Ultimate ’90s Playlist, I got to thinking about my past crushes and relationships. Probably because of the influence of TV and movies, I tend to associate specific songs with each person. Like how on Friends, “With or Without You” was used for Ross and Rachel.

My playlist is roughly in chronological order. Roughly. Share yours in the comments!

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30 Years of Music: 1984

After the smashing amount of great music to choose from in 1983, 1984 was a little easier for me to narrow down to ten picks. Yes, it’s the year that everyone made the same Orwellian joke, and the year that Van Halen made sure to release that so-titled album in January, but my most-loved songs from this time head in a different direction. Once again, I must point out that I am not trying to make a definitive list of the “Greatest” songs from each year, but rather curate an unnumbered collection of personal favorites, while still attempting to be concise.

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My Punk Renaissance

It started like it always does–this week something random piqued my interest, I clicked over to Wikipedia, that informational dump that always leads to more things piquing my interest, and the next thing you know I’m looking at all the Robert Mapplethorpe pictures I can find (not just the nudes) and ordering Patti Smith’s autobiography Just Kids. Read More My Punk Renaissance