Persephone on Persephone

Last night, Luci Furious and I had the pleasure of seeing the awesomely-named Six Seeds: The Persephone Project. The play, produced by Warner | Shaw and the Theater at the Tank in New York, is an exploration of the myth of Persephone. You may remember Mara’s piece on her participation in the project last week.
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Meeting Persephone

I have known Persephone for six years now. She has embarrassed me, challenged me, and right now, she’s somehow made me into a theatre producer. When we met, I was 26 years old, single and working nights at a cable news network in New York. We’ve come a long way. Read More Meeting Persephone

Persephone in the Media

Yesterday evening, I received the best email ever.  A high school student wrote in because she’s doing an assignment on Greek gods and goddesses in the media, and her goddess is Persephone.  She’s going to use a few of our articles to compare how Persephone, the goddess, had her voice taken from her and how Persephone, the magazine, wants to give all women a voice.   HOW NEAT IS THAT? Read More Persephone in the Media