Me and My (Curvy) Shadow: Burlesque and Body Image

TW: talk of size and weight (no numbers)

“I hope no one thinks, ‘Why’d they let the big girl in?'” Read More Me and My (Curvy) Shadow: Burlesque and Body Image


Twenty Years. TWENTY Years. Two Decades. A Score. An infamous date in the life of Sgt. Pepper and his band. The amount of time I lived before College Graduation. (Your math is fine, I graduated early.) The amount of time my son has been alive. For those of us who are parents, we tend to find ambiguity in the time/space continuum. For most of us over 30, whether we have children or not, we have glimmers of the same paradox”¦does 20 years feel like a long time or just a blip? Or both at the same time? Read More Score!!

Dr. Deah ja Vu All Over Again

Every January, for the past 4 years I have posted this video on my Facebook page. Each year, I hope it will be obsolete. Each year I DREAM it will be the last time I blog about this and that I will get flooded with emails, texts (and now tweets @dr_deah ) begging me to, “Drop it already Dr. Deah. That’s old news!!! It doesn’t happen anymore. Move on to another cause.” With Healthy Weight Week around the bend on January 20th and not enough change to render this video extinct, I find myself in the position to once again post this classic video from the Tri Delta folks. Read More Dr. Deah ja Vu All Over Again

Waisted Wishes

I am a self-proclaimed Astrological Agnostic. I am not certain if that is a bona fide category in the DSMM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Metaphysics) or if I just made up the term the same way I just invented the DSMM. Either way, there is something elegant about the fact that the word agnostic is tidily tucked away inside the word diagnostic. As a word person, that is just cool. Read More Waisted Wishes

Strange Bedfellows

This is the second piece I have written in honor of the NOW Foundation’s 15th annual Love Your Body Day taking place on Oct. 17th. If you are interested in participating in a two week NOW fundraiser in honor of Love Your Body Day visit About Curves and find out how you can help! Read More Strange Bedfellows