Science News: 4/9/13

Between three oil spills, a chemical spill, melting glaciers, and a sexist obituary in the New York Times, the news is on notice this week. Hopefully the cool news will outweigh the infuriating! If nothing else, I found a few headlines and stories guaranteed to make you giggle like a 12-year-old. Read More Science News: 4/9/13

Science News Roundup: 5/1/12

We’ve got a mix of good news and bad this week. Global warming sucks, but new water sources in Africa may provide some measure of protection for its people. Lots of species may be in danger, but did you know some species of sharks glow in the dark? I didn’t! There’s also some cool news for Doctor Who fans. Plus, bonus pic of every Persephoneer’s favorite smexy scientist! Read More Science News Roundup: 5/1/12

Science Story Round-Up: Weird Animal Eating Habits Theme

While looking for a good story to write about this week, I discovered that for some inexplicable reason, what, when, and how animals eat was an overarching theme across many of my favorite science tales this week. I’ve included my three favorites below, but honestly, any one of these stories could make for a best-selling children’s book or at least a good story to tell someone at a cocktail party. So click through for sexually-frustrated flies, sweet-toothless carnivores, and lizards that take advantage of naturally occurring poisons. Read More Science Story Round-Up: Weird Animal Eating Habits Theme