We Try It: Going to a College Reunion

A few weeks ago I went to my fifth college reunion. I know what you’re thinking: Karishma, that’s not that far removed from college, it won’t be weird. You probably saw half of those people last week. That’s where you’d be wrong.

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Skins Recap: “Cadie”

Cadie gets her turn this week and I honestly can’t tell you whether I really liked this episode or thought it pandered too much. Maybe I’ll decide by the end of this recap.

Cadie has Issues and this episode makes it pretty easy to see why. Read More Skins Recap: “Cadie”

Skins Recap: “Chris”

This is the infamous “kiddie porn” episode. It’s also another episode that is a veritable carbon copy of its UK counterpart, complete with opening sight gags related to pissing on Viagra and everything. Once you get past that baggage, though, it becomes a pretty well done episode about a kid who only knows how to be a kid living with a mother who is suffering with a mental illness. Read More Skins Recap: “Chris”

Skins (US) Recap – “Tony” and “Tea”

Why didn’t we do a recap of the US premiere of Skins last week? Honestly, after the first episode, I wasn’t sure it would be worth recapping. I remember, a year or so ago, catching a marathon of the first series of Skins UK on BBC America. There were kids being naked, doing drugs, having lots of sex and random subtitles (because regional UK accents are too hard for Americans to decipher sometimes). Read More Skins (US) Recap – “Tony” and “Tea”