Caregiving: Medication (Part 2)

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about the first article I wrote on medication. Certainly, I still stand by all that I said in that article, despite later writing about the 20 Years Too Soon campaign by Rethink. There’s no getting away from the negative side of medication, that’s for sure. Read More Caregiving: Medication (Part 2)

Caregiving: Parenting (Part 2)

Good evening, Persephoneers. Well, as is almost tradition now, I’m in my pyjamas as I write. But given the hour, I think it’s quite a reasonable state of dress to be in. Or perhaps it is that my mind is somewhat preoccupied with the idea of sleep. Indeed, both caregiving and parenting are experiences that can at times disagree with the concept of sleep. So for tonight, I thought I would spend Parenting (Part 2) regaling you all with the epic tale that is our journey with co-sleeping. Read More Caregiving: Parenting (Part 2)

Caregiving: Sleep

Unlike the headache that brought on The Diagnosis article, this week’s inspiration comes from the cat on my lap and a particular book I’ve been re-reading. Juniper Puss’s contribution has come, not unsurprisingly, from his incredible ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. The book’s contribution comes from me wanting to somehow drag a connection into an article, so I can wax lyrical for a sentence or two about how spectacular the aforementioned book is. Read More Caregiving: Sleep

Seven Things They Don’t Tell You About New Motherhood

Mothers have collective amnesia. Huge, common experiences (both the good and the bad) are not discussed, probably because the brain can’t form memories on so little sleep. Here are seven things I wish I’d known before I had a kid. But, um, there are definitely more than seven. Read More Seven Things They Don’t Tell You About New Motherhood

Ask the Editors: What Should I Do When…

Hello, Persephoneers. As some of you may know, the editorial staff of Persephone keeps in touch regularly through large (and often quite humorous) e-mail chains. We discuss everything, from P-Mag issues and current events to personal demons and issues with the people we love (read: spouses/significant others and our parents, normally). Since we’re a batch of ten (ten! Can you believe we’re big enough to have ten people running this thing?!) very smart ladies from plenty of different backgrounds, we often come to each other for advice about, well, just about everything. Read More Ask the Editors: What Should I Do When…

Sleep, Delicious Sleep: Weekend Open Thread

Dear readers, my Memorial Day weekend was a bit rough around the edges, mostly due to a lack of good, quality sleep. Even now, the words slip gingerly off my fingers, onto the keyboard and up onto the page and I almost start salivating to the words “sleep.” Read More Sleep, Delicious Sleep: Weekend Open Thread