Celebrities, Feminism, and White Flight

Sometimes, you stumble upon a post in social media, and for a moment, you’re completely dumbfounded. You need to take a breath and let whatever it is that just caught your attention slither its way into your psyche.

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This Slut Walked”¦ But Now We Need To Talk

Trigger warning for racial slurs, photo of racial slur.

Merely a week ago, I wrote this piece on why I participated in Slutwalk NYC. I talked about the different ambivalence’s and concerns that weighed heavy, giving me pause as to whether or not my own presence could add necessary perspectives to ongoing feminist dialogues. Read More This Slut Walked”¦ But Now We Need To Talk

Why This Slut Walked

You know something is amiss when a grown man says to you at a rally against rape, “I hope you get raped.” But let’s not color the entirety of this piece on that comment. This lone incident, while reflective of something that is so large and encompassing, is not what moves me to write this piece on the Slutwalk march, though, there is something devastatingly ridiculous about it. Read More Why This Slut Walked

Persephone Pioneers: SlutWalk NYC

Women should avoid dressing like sluts.”

Call it the phrase that broke the camel’s back. On January 24, 2011, Constable Michael Sanguinett was speaking out on a recent incident in Toronto, and ill-advisedly took the victim blaming route.

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Why This Slut (Probably) Won’t Be Walking

A few years ago I picked up the nickname “drunken slut” within my family (the comedy, you see, comes from the fact that I was the total opposite at the age of fifteen). The nickname rings a little differently now since, on occasion, I am drunken and I’ve done things that could qualify me as a “slut” in some people’s eyes. Still, it’s all in good fun and I don’t mind one bit. Read More Why This Slut (Probably) Won’t Be Walking