Takedown: Khrushchev warned us!

I love it when everything comes together in one ridiculous crapdate. This week, we celebrated (well, some of us celebrated) the fact that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act, and some of those who didn’t celebrate it were quick to bemoan the end of America as we know it, socialism at its WORST which leads to communism at its WORST which leads to THE WORST THAT COULD EVER BE EVER I AM MOVING TO CANADA. Read More Takedown: Khrushchev warned us!

Takedown: Rosie the Republican

You’ve heard, right? There is a war on women being fought, and it is being fought by”¦ the Democrats. At least, that’s what Fox News is saying, and this week’s Takedown crapdate capitalizes on this nonsense. Read More Takedown: Rosie the Republican

Fun with Political Theory: Marx

Oh, Marx. I sort of feel bad for him because he gets handed the responsibility for some pretty crappy political projects, but he is so much more than Lenin and Mao. Let me show you how!

Read More Fun with Political Theory: Marx

True North: The Political Compass and You

The recent Republican and Tea Party debates mean only one thing: the Presidential campaign is in full swing far earlier than anyone could possibly want. Over the next (long, long) fifteen months, I am sure that annoying people on the internet and supposed professionals alike will be throwing out words like “socialist,” “libertarian,” and “fascist” without any regard for what they truly mean. What can you do about it? You can’t stop them, but you can arm yourself with information. A great way to get an easy to understand overview of ideologies without leaving the comfort of the internet is the Political Compass. The site offers analysis and references along with a quick quiz to help you place yourself on the political spectrum. Read More True North: The Political Compass and You