We Try It: Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

Woven wraps are the bee’s knees, the cat’s pyjamas, the unicorn’s belly hair. They’re also not for everyone. That is where Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) come in. For some people, babywearing is something where their needs and their comfort means that a SSC is going to work best for them, and sometimes people just like to use a range of slings, wraps and carriers. Read More We Try It: Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

Ladyguide: The Basics Of Babywearing

The subject of babywearing tends to involve, at some point, phrases like “crunchy mom” or “granola mom.” I don’t really see myself as being either. Sure, we babywear, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, use therapy-based discipline, recycle as much as we can, and often have beans and lentils on the menu. On the other hand, I requested a caesarean, combination feed formula and breast milk, shop in a big corporation supermarket, and have a husband that really should rattle given all the medication he’s on. So for us, whilst we practise elements of attachment/alternative parenting, it’s been a case of finding what works for us, as opposed to finding theory and sticking to it, and a big part of that has been babywearing. Read More Ladyguide: The Basics Of Babywearing