Science News: 10/16/13

Welcome back to science news! This week, we’ve got a rundown of all the awful things the government shutdown has done to scientific research and more men who won Nobel Prizes (sorry, ladies!), but also a lot of cool findings from ancient history (the cave painters were ladies!) and some awesome videos about supervolcanoes on Mars and a SpaceX Grasshopper launch. Read More Science News: 10/16/13

Science News: 3/12/13

Welcome to this week’s installment of science news. We’ve got SpaceX, comets, Arctic camels, Neanderthal-killing bunnies, and more! Read More Science News: 3/12/13

Science News: 10/30/12

Hurricanes in October! Earthquakes and tsunamis!  Sharks falling from the skies of California! Science news has gone wild this week! Read More Science News: 10/30/12

Science News: 10/16/12

Welcome to the science news, Nobel Prize/space jump/shrimp puke edition! (Yes, I am serious. Pics after the cut!) Read More Science News: 10/16/12

EXCLUSIVE: I Was at the SpaceX Dragon Launch (and it was amazing)

This weekend, I got to have a once in a lifetime experience: I was one of 50 people chosen to participate in a two-day NASA Social surrounding the scheduled launch of the SpaceX Dragon, the first commercial vehicle going to the International Space Station. I got to meet some amazing people, hear some of the brightest minds speak, and see inside places that many NASA employees have never seen. How did this all happen? What was it like? Did we eventually get to see the rocket take off? Read on to find out.

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