Food Failures

My parents were both excellent cooks, but I was never too interested in learning. Too girly. I could make grilled cheese and boil water; I was set. And that was fine for college and grad school, where cheap accommodations meant knowing how to use the microwave was enough. But once school was over, and once I had an actual kitchen, I developed an interest in cooking.

I’m pretty good. But I haven’t always been.

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Spam with a Side of Sunshine

Even though I’d never had any desire to go to Hawaii, I knew what to expect: hot sun, rolling waves, sand everywhere. It was these expectations that made it so I never wanted to visit. I hate the heat, I can swim but am blind without my glasses (so wear them and lose them in the water or not wear them and swim right into a shark), and sand gets into everything. So it was to my great surprise that I booked a ticket for a week’s vacation in Waikiki in 2007. I wanted to get away from everything from awhile, and Portland to Honolulu was the cheapest ticket. Read More Spam with a Side of Sunshine

Picture This: Camera Phones

Not every photo has to be perfectly lit, edited, and framed. Many great photos are simply funny, odd, and flawed. Photography is all about documenting life: the good, the bad, the strange. But many times we don’t have cameras with us when we come across something amazing. What should we do? Enter stage right: the camera phone. Read More Picture This: Camera Phones

Morbid Curiosity: Melty Wonders

One would think that finding an appropriate Halloween-themed recipe in a vast collection of old cookbooks would be easy. But you’d be wrong. Judging by the cookbooks, I’ve come to believe that the only themes that were allowed for costume parties in mid-century North America were “Boredom” and “Blatant Racism.”  Read More Morbid Curiosity: Melty Wonders

Morbid Curiosity Monday: Ham-Pancake Shortcakes

Another Monday, another questionable recipe! Everyone loves brunch, don’t they? It’s breakfast for people who are too lazy/hungover to wake up until it’s almost lunch, and it usually comes with a slice of melon. What’s not to love? Read More Morbid Curiosity Monday: Ham-Pancake Shortcakes

TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

I’m starving, and I really want something that grew in the dirt to eat, so for this morning’s daily goodie I’ve found a whole bunch of gorgeous photos from my favorite photo source, morguefile.  Find all sorts of pretties after the break, 100% animal product free for our vegan reader friends.  Read More TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

Morbid Curiosity Monday: Hawaiian Party Casserole

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men this week, and I found a recipe that could have made the short list for Betty Draper’s “Trip Around the World” menu. After all, what trip around the world is complete without a stop in the mid-Pacific for some Hawaiian Party Casserole? Read More Morbid Curiosity Monday: Hawaiian Party Casserole