Dispatches from Ladyblogland

I put these links together before the Hobby Lobby decision, and I’m sure much will be written about it this week. We’ll start off with Ginsburg’s dissent and then move on to the ladyblogland that was before SCOTUS made us all cry tears of rage.

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What I Watched Last Night: MI-5/Spooks

My binging on British television continues with my ongoing enjoyment of MI-5/Spooks. Though the show was originally called Spooks, for reasons I’m not entirely clear on, the U.S. and France (and briefly, Canada) choose to call it something different. I’m watching through Netflix Instant, where it is called MI-5.

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We Try It: The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps was the first Hitchcock thriller I ever saw. As part of my father’s epic plan to make me a cultured member of society (a plan that also included road-trip re-tellings of the plots to Guys and Dolls and Hello Dolly), he borrowed the classic thriller from our town library and sat my sister and I in front of the TV. Read More We Try It: The 39 Steps