Book Review: Devotion: A Memoir by Dani Shapiro

When I was ten years old, I decided I would no longer eat pork. Partly brought on by the appreciation for the animal itself, I realized that I’d never much liked pork to begin with. Rather than say to people something like, “Well, I hate pork chops, but sometimes I end up eating sausage when my mom makes red beans and rice,” it was easier to eliminate it entirely.

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A Memorial for Andy

When I first arrived in Liverpool, I had very little money and nowhere to stay. I managed to get the last available bed in the mixed dorm of a hostel that was crowded, dark and not completely tidy, but it had an atmosphere that made me and everyone else feel right at home. Within days, I had made friends and became a member of staff. All the adventure I had felt was missing in my life was now happening at breakneck speed. Apart from dealing with life in a foreign language, I had to adjust to the hostel’s booking system, working hours and social hierarchy as well as the weird and wonderful people who knocked on the door every day. Life in the hostel was like living in a bubble, as far removed from most people’s regular lives as possible. Those of us who had made the choice to live there embraced this otherness, and I’d like to think that those who had come out of necessity managed to be at peace for a while. Read More A Memorial for Andy

A Curious Soul: Why I Consider Myself More Spiritual than Religious

Lately, with what has been going on with current events here in the United States, I will admit that I have been grappling with my ambivalence with the religious faith I was raised in – Catholicism – more than usual. I have been one of those people who has always questioned things, who has always wanted to know the why and wherefore of things. Read More A Curious Soul: Why I Consider Myself More Spiritual than Religious

You Could Use a Little Yoga: Meeting on the Mat

At one point a few months ago while I was writing a post about yoga, my fiancé said, “Oh, I didn’t know you were interested in the spiritual aspect of yoga, too.” It kind of took me by surprise, because I’m pretty sure I was writing about the benefits of opening different parts of your body (i.e. your hips, shoulders, or chest/heart), which I didn’t think of as particularly spiritual.

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Dry Wit: Sober Spirituality For the Rest of Us

Regardless of what sobriety program you choose, eventually you’re going to run into mention of a Higher Power, or the need for spiritual experiences and spiritual growth. For those of us who have a little bit of a bad taste in our mouth from religious experiences, the emphasis on spirituality in sobriety can be daunting.

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“New Age” Philosophy is Fun!

I admit it: I love New Agey things. Whenever I visit a library or bookstore, that’s always one of the first places I visit. The New Age section is filled with delights abounding for me. I could get lost in the bizarre world of the New Age section for days. Read More “New Age” Philosophy is Fun!

We Try It – Smudging

I see this move that my boyfriend and I are making as a fresh start.  I don’t know why since nothing is changing besides our apartment.  But I really want to take the opportunity of the change of environment to try to change some bad habits and negative, destructive thoughts and patterns.  Maybe that is why I felt compelled to smudge the apartment with sage before we move in next weekend.  Read More We Try It – Smudging