Lunchtime Poll: Farmer’s Market Goodies

With spring in the air I thought this would be a fun topic to bring up since I just toddled back home with a bunch of tasty goodies from my local farmer’s market. I bought goat cheese, bread, corn chips and giant hanging basket of fresh strawberries to have all year around. I am so excited to show my partner that his boy got him basically strawberries forever. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Farmer’s Market Goodies

Lunchtime Poll: Ready for Spring?

Around my place, things have taken a turn for the better as the sun has decided to make an appearance (at last)! We’ve been driving around just because we can, working out at the gym several times a week because all that Vitamin D in our systems feels like a dream come true, and generally, just smiling more. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Ready for Spring?

Open Thread/TDG: 2/17

Who here is ready for spring? I can’t wait. I’m ready to hear birds and smell the fresh spring air while I shove my big, bulky winter coat into the back of the closet until October. For today’s Daily Goodie, I thought we all might enjoy some pictures that remind us spring is right around the corner.  Read More Open Thread/TDG: 2/17