Friday News Bites: Money For Nothing

As of Wednesday evening, the U.S. government shutdown ended and almost nothing was accomplished. This sigh-worthy story and more, after the jump.

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New Show Recap: Girls, Episode 1.4, “Hannah’s Diary”

Hello, friends. Selena here, filling in for MJ. Much like MJ, I am a Lady of a Certain Age, but I can find a lot to like about this show. So let’s all pop a Werther’s and settle in under our afghans while we commiserate with Hannah and her sisters. Read More New Show Recap: Girls, Episode 1.4, “Hannah’s Diary”

Morning Open Thread, Now With Trivia Answers!

Good morning Persephoneers!  (Or good afternoon or good night depending on your time zone.)  We have a day chock full of goodness, just for you.  For now, please enjoy the early open thread after the answers to last night’s trivia and a little goodie from me to you.

1.  Who are the little blue men who shout “Crivens,” and what does it mean?

They are the infamous Nac Mac Feegle.  “Crivens” is their general exclamation, which can mean anything from, “Hey look at that,” to “Ooh, you’re gonna get such a kickin’!”

2.  What book asks the question “What can the harvest hope for, if not for the care of the reaper man?”

This is one of Death’s lines from Reaper Man.  I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first time I got chills reading a Pratchett book.

3.  What is the final stage of development – Snowglobe –> shopping trolley –> _____ ?

Also from Reaper Man, the shopping mall is the final stage of the city parasite invading Ankh-Morpork

4.  Who is Binky?

Death’s horse.  He tried fiery steeds, but they got so embarrassed when they set their stalls alight.

5.  What does it say on Rincewind’s hat?

“Who needs to put ‘Wizzard’ on their hat?”

6.  “Sometimes it’s better to light a _________ than curse the darkness.”


7.  What do Cohen and the Silver Horde do at the end of The Last Hero?

After stealing the Valkyries’ horses, they make a quick visit to Fingers Mazda , leaving him with a very sharp sword**, before riding off to carouse amongst the stars.

8.  According to Lord Vetinari, what is the greatest freedom of all?

The freedom to take the consequences.  This is from the angel speech at the beginning of “Going Postal:”  “I believe in freedom, Mr. Lipwig. Not many people do, although they will, of course, protest otherwise. And no practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based.”

9.  In Thief of Time, what weapon does Susan find to be most effective against the auditors?

Chocolate.  And No Clever Name is correct, nougats don’t work well at all.

10.  Who is the Postmaster General of Ankh-Morpork?

I just put this question in because I wanted to say Moist Von Lipwig (pronounced ‘Lipvig’).

Bonus – What does “Ook” mean?

Well, duh.

**Fingers Mazda, like his Realworld counterpart Prometheus, stole fire from the gods for humanity and was punished by being chained to a rock where an eagle pecked out his liver every morning for eternity.  The Silver Horde thought this was a bit unfair.


What do squirrels have to do with Discworld?  Not a thing.  I just felt like looking at pictures of squirrels this morning.