Star Wars Rebels: Worth Your Time

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I have watched the new Star Wars cartoon three times now. Why three? It is fantastic. It’s Disney’s first real Star Wars project since acquiring Lucasfilm; if this project is any indication, I have serious hope for Star Wars Rebels and fair to middling hope for Episode VII (because Abrams). 

AlysonStar Wars Rebels: Worth Your Time

This Week in Misogyny: Bad News and Terrible People

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There was so much terribleness this week that y’all get a double dose of This Week in Misogyny! First up, we find out the latest news about the students who were kidnapped by extremists in Nigeria, wonder what the hell L’Oreal was thinking, and shake our fists at terrible people and gender essentialism. There’s a little bit of good news at … Read More

[E] HillaryThis Week in Misogyny: Bad News and Terrible People

The Hidden Podcasts

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I am a sucker for podcasts. I think they might be the only way radio talk shows survive in the apocalyptic wasteland that is sure to come. Having any subject at the click of a mouse makes it so much easier than trying to surf a radio until you find the angry blowhard you want to listen to.

AlysonThe Hidden Podcasts