Star Wars Mood: Knights of the Old Republic Review

I’m in a Star Wars mood right now, so I re-installed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on my PC (it was released in 2003 on the Xbox and PC). The game is a RPG (I love RPGs), and it’s all about Star Wars (I love Star Wars), so you can tell that it was on my birthday/Christmas gift lists in 2003. I still remember when I received the game as a birthday present; it’s still my favorite birthday gift. First thing I did when the party was over was load up the game and watch the rolling introduction. The music gets me all the time. Since then, I’ve finished the game more than six times, but I’ve started a character in it more than 30 times. The rest of the review will contain spoilers. Continue reading

Why I Haven’t Seen Star Wars and Probably Never Will

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”¦ it is an era of over-saturation of Star Wars references in pop culture. Driven by the desire to prove their geek-cred and relive childhoods long since left behind, television show writers fill episode after episode with inside jokes and nods to their favorite epic film series, spoiling the plot, point after point, for the uninitiated. One girl, armed with nothing but her laptop and four gallons of coffee, strikes back. Continue reading