Only Thin People Can Slay?

I love checking out other people’s style. I’m constantly eyeing cool trends I see on the street, and I’d rather see what “regular” folks are wearing than worry about what’s happening on the runway. Yes, I know, what I see on the street has trickled down from the runway, but that’s where I’d rather find my inspiration.

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Persephone Playlist: 10 Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

Happy Monday and back to work! Here are ten songs keeping me sane this week! Read More Persephone Playlist: 10 Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show

A few weeks ago, Dormouse and I were hanging out and shopping around downtown Seattle. We wandered into the flagship Nordstrom as people who are interested in department stores are wont to do. We got caught up looking at awesome eye shadow palettes at the Lancôme counter. Read More Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show

Feminist Insecurities: Style Edition

I wish I could say that I was bold enough to be that feminist who doesn’t give a damn what people think. I wish I could be that proud woman who wears exactly what she wants, no matter how society says she looks, who ignores the stares or the raised eyebrows. I wish I could stop imagining the judgmental glances where there are none. Is the secure, confident, wear-whatever-you-want feminist just a myth of popular blogs, zines, and Tumblr? Read More Feminist Insecurities: Style Edition

Do You Have a Work Uniform?

Sometimes getting myself dressed for work seems way harder than it ought to be. Every once in a while, I change clothes three times before leaving the house in the morning, all the while shaking my head at myself: Seriously? You haven’t figured this out yet? The outfit that seemed okay in the morning can suddenly seem really not okay at all by the afternoon: too silly, too sloppy, or too uncomfortable. It also bothers me if I feel like my style choices are all over the place. That’s why I’m feeling really pleased with myself, to the point of smugness, for settling on a work uniform.

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: The Important Questions

Ladyblogland tackled VERY important questions this week, like, “Are leggings pants?” and, “Do Red Shirts really have an alarming death rate?” Get the answers under the cut.

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P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 1971 with Tamalyn

It’s 1971 and Everything’s Groovy! We wear our hair natural ““ whether long and stringy or in afros. However God made it is how we “style” it. Our pants are beginning to slide lower on our hips, the “bells” at the ankles getting larger and larger. Our parents detest our hotpants and our mini skirts. We’ve discovered a great freedom with our skirts, a freedom that no generation before has ever had. Skirts can now be worn in any length: from mini to midi or maxi ““ depending upon whether we want them well above our knees, well below, or swishing somewhere near the floor. We still wear love beads, a carryover from the “Summer of Love,” that we 13-year-olds remember little about, but we’re pretty sure it was romantic and wonderful. The smell of Mary Jane is in the air in parks and at concerts. We take in deep breaths and giggle. We call our flip-flops “thongs” and our tights “leotards,” not to be confused with the leotards which are worn by dancers. We wear fringe and jeans and platform shoes and all things casual. When it comes to fashion, it is the best of times and the worst of times, but oh, how we love it.

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