In Defense of Leg(ging)s

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 80s, when dancewear was all the rage and everyone wanted to be Jennifer Beals or Olivia-Newton John or just about anyone on Fame. Or maybe it’s because I remember how the triumph of Jennifer Lopez’s fly girl style over Kate Moss’s heroin chic in the mid-90s left me giddily anticipating the day I could rock spandex to a beat down the boulevard with the confidence of a grown woman. It’s probably for both of these reasons, among others I thought obvious, that I have been overjoyed to see leggings re-emerge in fashion over the last five years. Read More In Defense of Leg(ging)s

An Ode to Sneakers

I’ve never been into fashion. It’s not that I don’t appreciate its aesthetic or cultural value; I just have never been good at picking out clothes and putting an outfit together. I blame an incredibly easy 80s childhood. I liked bright colors and anything with animals on it, and my mom picked out my clothes every morning. It wasn’t until middle school that I suddenly had to get rid of all my neon and puffy-painted items and upgrade to something grown up”¦like flannel shirts. (Sigh.) Read More An Ode to Sneakers

The Furious Closet: NYC Winter Fashion on a Budget

tim gunn
Papa Gunn says: Your sweat pant wear concerns me.

So yes, maybe I’m writing this while wearing pajama pants featuring sock monkeys in Santa hats and an over-sized L Word t-shirt I won at a bar 3 years ago, but sometimes I do like to look cute and presentable and I don’t have a lot of money to do so.  Living in New York City can make a girl feel especially self-conscious when it seems like everyone is dressing like the Gossip Girls or Anna Wintour, and your own budget is more along the lines of $20 for a sweater.  Here are my tips for NYC winter fashion for the girl who has everything (except a job or spare cash). Read More The Furious Closet: NYC Winter Fashion on a Budget

Just Boot It.

I live in Canada. The snowy, icy land where the mighty polar bear reigns supreme and all you can see is blizzard for miles around. Okay, maybe not.

Read More Just Boot It.

Style: The Lazy Crafter’s Guide to Homemade Presents

I come from a large Polish Catholic family, the kind where the first wave of immigrants had 6 or 8 or 10 kids and no one has really gotten around to breaking that tradition yet. (Sometimes, I think people talk sadly behind my back about my lone offspring.) Read More Style: The Lazy Crafter’s Guide to Homemade Presents

Harry Potter and the Costume Designer

I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to figure out how to begin writing about fashion and style in the Harry Potter films. Read More Harry Potter and the Costume Designer

Style Addiction: Mid-Century Modern

My grandparents lived in the most fabulous mid-century modern house.  It wasn’t lavish, but it was well designed with many of the features of the period, which is typically defined as the mid 1950’s until 1961.  Their home had a walkout basement rec-room with full length windows and a built in bar, a fifties pink AND a fifties turquoise themed bath and a sleek, low exterior profile created by the clever tri-level design.   Read More Style Addiction: Mid-Century Modern