How Success is Measured

I recently found myself despairing pretty hardcore over the state of my finances and lamenting the fact that I haven’t managed to meet all my personal and career goals in the time I had set for myself many years ago. I had always just assumed that I would be a successful writer by the age of 30, having written at least one novel, and able to support myself comfortably through either writing, or through one of the other various avenues in which I boast qualifications. I assumed I would be living in a house I owned, managing to write and raise my son, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. Well, here I am, at 31 years of age, quite unable to support myself through writing, and quite frankly, struggling to make ends meet on the daily. Any hopes of becoming “successful” by the age of 30 have long since been dashed, and with the holidays approaching, and the hole in my wallet growing ever deeper, it has become easy to wallow in the depths of self loathing and self pity. Read More How Success is Measured

Election 2011 Roundup

Odd-year elections in the US are often…well, odd. Federal officials like Presidents and Members of Congress are elected predominantly in even years; odd years are usually a mishmash of local offices like town councils, mayors, county legislatures, and the occasional statewide proposition. Frequently, these elections are held without a lot of national media attention (although many, many low-budget radio spots, television ads, and slick mailers) and low voter turnout. But lefties and progressives across the country had a lot to celebrate this Tuesday night. Here’s a rundown of some of the more prominent results. Read More Election 2011 Roundup

What Women Want

Last night, I was laying in bed with my boyfriend and grading papers while he read out loud some funny Internet answers to ridiculous questions. I was having a good time and laughing quite a lot until he read one that wasn’t very funny at all. The poster asked, “What is the secret to understanding women?”  Read More What Women Want