A Modest Proposal in Defense of Sucker Punch

The other day, my brother and I went to see Sucker Punch. I’d promised him we’d go together long before I’d heard all the terrible reviews. Despite the warnings of La Belle Amelie and others, I was disappointed. This is not because it was bad or offensive ““ which it was! ““ but because it could have been so much worse. Read More A Modest Proposal in Defense of Sucker Punch

Movie Nights: A Prep for Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is coming out tomorrow. I, for one, am not missing it. This movie has intrigued me more than any other lately, for reasons including the interesting graphics, animation, and choice of actors, and the “female lead” aspect in a Warner Brothers production. Let’s get the run-down before we see, it shall we? Read More Movie Nights: A Prep for Sucker Punch

Ragweed Sucker-Punch

I developed seasonal allergies as an adult.  I didn’t even know that could happen, so I had no idea what was going on.  I figured it out one day when I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking “What the hell is wrong with me?  I’m snotty and sneezing and my eyes itch …  Holy crap, I sound like an allergy commercial.”  Read More Ragweed Sucker-Punch

TDG: Disney-fied Edition

So, even though it makes me a bad nerd, I have to admit that I had no idea what Sucker-Punch was when I first started seeing the trailer. I honestly thought it was an SNL skit or something. But no! Real movie. Read More TDG: Disney-fied Edition