Sugaring, Capitalism, and Commodifying Women’s Bodies

When I was 21 years old, I was in between jobs and struggling to finish my bachelor’s degree. I didn’t have much direction on what I wanted to do in life and seemed to be taking classes and working jobs merely to pass time. All I knew was that I felt behind in life. Around this time, some friends were graduating from college and moving on to the next phase of their lives, and others were like me, trying to make sense of what their purpose was. This was during a time when jobs were few and money scarce, all while trying to figure out how I’d maintain a roof over my head without having to revert back to moving in with my parents.

Then, I found an ad for a hostess job at a gentlemen’s club.

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The Hair Affair: Revisited

Q: Any advice for shaving one’s pubic hair? I always seem to get, erm, stubble and that’s just not nice for sexytimes. (Nobody likes a carpet burn!) I’m kind of interested in waxing, but also terrified of it, so any insight into how to get a smooth mound would be (forgive me) gnarly! Read More The Hair Affair: Revisited