Someone Teach Me How to Swim

[Content Warning: Discussion of suicide and self-harm, trans slurs]

23 was a terrible age in a lot of ways. I was drowning. I was struggling. My life was in shambles. I tried to end it and I ended up in a hospital that didn’t know how to treat my dysphoric depression. I ended up being sent to a therapist who saw mostly LG patients and had seen a few trans patients. It seemed, though, like she had what I would consider very old-school ideas on what being trans meant.  Read More Someone Teach Me How to Swim

Your Body or Your Life

[Trigger warning: discussion of suicide]

I am mesmerized by the human brain. The old Euell Gibbons (or was it Marlin Perkins?) Mutual of Omaha cliches about the “wonders and miracles of nature” do not even come close to describing the remarkable capabilities of what some call our sexiest organ. My attachment to my brain is increasing exponentially as I age. This is sad considering my brain seems to be reveling in finding ways to let me down and disappoint me. Read More Your Body or Your Life

Ask STFU Jezzies

Your favorite snarky bitch is here to give you advice about your real-world dilemmas.  We have some actual real-world problems today, so I have to say that if you feel that you or someone you love is in imminent danger of hurting yourself or others, call 911.  Also, I try to give the best advice I can, but I’m just a blogger, so keep that in mind. (Anonymous advice is never a substitute for speaking to a professional if you need one.  ~ed.) Read More Ask STFU Jezzies