Summer Foods and Blackberries

I just want it to be summer time. Living in California, I have already passed peak avocado and strawberry seasons, but I have not quite gotten to raspberry and basil season. It is an uncomfortable position to be in, this weird lull before the storm of deliciousness. So today I just day-dream about all the great foods I can eat in summer.

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We Try It: Zoku Quick Pop Maker

In the dead of summer, what’s better than a nice, fresh, fruit juice popsicle? Making them at home is a great way to save calories and money, but also requires preparation (usually overnight). And I don’t know about you, but I’m too impatient for that, so every time I’ve been in a Williams-Sonoma this summer, I’ve been drawn to the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, which promises popsicles in 10 minutes. When my husband surprised me with one for my birthday, I couldn’t wait to start using it. The Zoku does not disappoint. Read More We Try It: Zoku Quick Pop Maker

All Avocado All the Time

Between Cinco de Mayo and my own personal obsession with guacamole, it’s been impossible to get avocado off my mind. It’s even replaced Georgia and you. Thankfully, there have been some deliciously ripe and perfect avocados at my grocery store this week, allowing me to, erm, “practice” the tips I’m writing about today.  Read More All Avocado All the Time