Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Not Ironic

While most of ladyblogland was overshadowed by the glory that was Sharknado, there were some great gems this week.

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Lunchtime Poll: Surprise Favorite Movie Genre

Summer always brings some great movies and a lot of them are big blow up your face type action movies. I am not always an action girl but there is a particular type of action film people are surprised I love. I love Tokusatsu films, specifically the subgenres of Kaiju and giant robots. I grew up watching the Sci-Fi channel and late night TV on USA and TNT. They showed boatloads of Godzilla and Ultraman films. Ultraman is by far my favorite of any subgenre of Tokusatsu. I think my love for Ultraman spurred me to sit through three seasons of Power Rangers. People always seem shocked that I love Giant Superheros fighting Robots and Space Aliens? I have no idea why! The best part is this summer is bringing a Giant Robot fighting Kaiju film, Pacific Rim. I am so excited for it, I can barely contain my elation. I mean it helps that it has Stringer Bell, Jax, and Charlie in it and is directed by Guillermo del Toro. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Surprise Favorite Movie Genre