This Open Thread is Going Abroad

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We’re off to spend the summer in Germany! Which sounds like a good plan, until I tell you that the English summer is actually pretty awesome right now. Still, I’m hoping for even better weather, and good times with the family. Now, I just have to convince the kids that two hours on a plane will be FUN.

KaroThis Open Thread is Going Abroad

This Open Thread Loves Summer

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Enough with the moaning! There will be no anti-heat/bug/humidity sentiments here, just stories of great summers past and wonderful holidays to come!

KaroThis Open Thread Loves Summer

Lunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing

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Summer television used to be the dregs of the barrel for the networks. It used to be where you would dump the extra episodes from a bad show or show pilots for failed shows and label them as TV movies. Over the years, networks then added reality shows to the mix. This has proved to be my downfall. I love … Read More

AlysonLunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing