Lunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing

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Summer television used to be the dregs of the barrel for the networks. It used to be where you would dump the extra episodes from a bad show or show pilots for failed shows and label them as TV movies. Over the years, networks then added reality shows to the mix. This has proved to be my downfall. I love … Read More

AlysonLunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing

Zucchini and Sundried Tomato Orzo

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Kermit the frog might bemoan the difficulties of being a nice verdant shade, but he might change his tune if he were talking about eating green. Eating green fruits and vegetables, I mean. Zucchini, technically a fruit and technically technically a “pepo,” is one of the best green fruits around and thus is the perfect contender for summertime eats.

Ailanthus-altissimaZucchini and Sundried Tomato Orzo

Book Review: “The Starlite Drive-In” by Marjorie Reynolds

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Instead of being another adult reading a YA book, I happened to stumble across one not explicitly aimed at any age group, despite having a young narrator. Marjorie Reynolds’ The Starlite Drive-In captures the feelings of a transformative 1950s summer, one wrapped in family secrecy and yearning.

Sara HabeinBook Review: “The Starlite Drive-In” by Marjorie Reynolds

Rum Diary: A Flight of Daiquiris

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For many people, July means fireworks, festivals and farmers’ markets.  For my friend B and I, it means Daiquiri Day.  National Daiquiri Day (it’s real) is July 19, and to help the daiquiri throw off its kitchy, tiki-bar associations, we concocted a trio of fantastic new flavors that harmonize like the Dixie Chicks at a rum-soaked county fair:  Strawberry Basil … Read More

JennifujRum Diary: A Flight of Daiquiris

Don’t Get Between Me and My Bruschetta

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I spent a ridiculously long amount of time mispronouncing “bruschetta.” I was a fan of “bruce-shet-a” or “brosh-etta” or “really fancy toast for summer time nonsense.” To be honest, I’m still a fan of the last one, but at least now I know how to pronounce it vaguely more correctly – bruce-ketta. But, you know, if you call this rose by … Read More

Ailanthus-altissimaDon’t Get Between Me and My Bruschetta