“Twisted” = Perfect Summer TV

The other day, I received the answer to my prayers (well, I at least received the answer to the question I asked last week). My co-worker was lamenting the lack of decent shows on television this summer, except for this one new program that just started on ABC Family called TwistedRead More “Twisted” = Perfect Summer TV

We Need More Suspenseful Television

Last week, I wrote about the Writers Guild of America’s list of the 101 best-written television shows. I agreed with much of the list, especially the inclusion of The Twilight Zone. Realizing that I hadn’t watched an episode in a very long time, I fell into the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia and YouTube the other day while I was home sick from work, looking up my favorite episodes on Wikipedia to get more info, and then turning to YouTube for clips.  Read More We Need More Suspenseful Television

Books: Edge of Your Seat Awesomeness

TW: two of the following books contain violence.

I’m a book slut: I have a lot of different desires, tastes and passions, ever-changing according to my mood. Lately, I’ve been gravitating toward suspenseful reads that have me scooting forward on my tiny el train seat, frantically clicking the Forward button on my Nook until the satisfying end. Read More Books: Edge of Your Seat Awesomeness

Woman-Centric Classic Movie Review: The Lady from Shanghai

Happy Friday, Persephoneers! I hope you had a good week, regardless of whether or not it meant a vacation or just a normal old week for you. But regardless, here is this week’s classic movie pick to start your weekend off just right. We have some mystery, intrigue, and forbidden love in the 1947 film “The Lady from Shanghai,” which starts Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles, and Everett Sloane. Welles wrote and directed the film, and at the time, he and Hayworth were estranged and on the verge of divorce.

Read More Woman-Centric Classic Movie Review: The Lady from Shanghai