Is Z Nation Worth Your Time? Short Answer: Yes

It takes guts to run a zombie show in the era of the high-concept, high-budget Walking Dead. But Z Nation from Syfy does it the only way it can be done: it’s a run and gun, campy, yell-at-the screen show that doesn’t take itself seriously. Read More Is Z Nation Worth Your Time? Short Answer: Yes

31 Days of Halloween — Day 27, Such Links to Show You

October is almost over, which means it’s nearly time to say goodbye to our annual horror series, 31 Days of Halloween. As we round up this year’s posts, here’s a quick look at some horror-related writings around the web.

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We Try It: Sharknado Cupcakes!

With my sea creature-loving son turning six earlier this month, I had to show him the recipe I’d stumbled upon in my Pinterest travels: Sharknado Cupcakes. He laughed, and immediately requested that I make them for his classroom treat.

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What I Watched Last Night: Eureka, “I’ll Be Seeing You”

My husband was the Eureka fan first, so I came into this show just from him playing it on Netflix. He’s never really watched it through Syfy, but we’re the type to binge out on shows all at once. Without DVR, we’re both useless for remembering TV schedules. Still, while I’m not Who-levels of obsessed, I enjoy watching this show, and the fourth season was recently added to Instant Watch.

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Pop Culture: Halloween Television

Hello, my name is Slay Belle, and I am a Halloween-o-phile.

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone who’s read my pieces for Persephone. They are heavy on the vampires and zombies and witches and occasional mentions of the family funeral home I spend holidays in. I like getting dressed up and giving out candy and buying obnoxious decorations for my house. I top my Christmas tree with a giant black Halloween bat. I operate under the nom de plume of Slay Belle. I anxiously await the first of October to roll around every year. Because more than anything else, I really, really love the horror genre and October is basically a viewing goldmine for me. Read More Pop Culture: Halloween Television

Recap: Haven 2.5, “Roots”

At the rehearsal lunch for the Keegan-Novelli wedding, groom Peter Novelli is pissy. The place is an absolute mess ““ there’s exactly one soccer ball on the lawn ““ and the bride’s father, Ben, doesn’t want to give in to Peter’s demands. He whines that he needs to be able to “provide” for his bride, Moira. Ben, clearly not a fan of Peter, walks away. Peter kicks the soccer ball into the woods. The woods send it back, dirty and mangled, but the only one to see is the staff member charged with getting the place “spic-and-span.” Peter is kind of a douchecanoe. Read More Recap: Haven 2.5, “Roots”

Being Human 1.10: “Dog Eat Dog”

Previously: Josh beat the crap out of a vampire. Bishop wanted Aidan back (wants him back, wants him back for gooood). Sally had a ghost boyfriend, but she couldn’t get past his hold on his past. Aidan made a 10-year-old friend, who was killed and then turned into a vampire and then killed again.  Marcus visited the Dutch Country and there were human sized cocoons! Vampire butterflies? I can’t decide whether that’s amazing or horrifying. Read More Being Human 1.10: “Dog Eat Dog”