You Can Do Better: In Defense of One “Ladyblog”

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On Monday, n+1 contributor Molly Fischer wrote an article, “On Ladyblogs,” in which she tried to further articulate her feelings about sites like Jezebel and The Hairpin. In the process, she displays a remarkable aptitude for sweeping generalizations, half-assed research, and reneging on a commitment because the self-imposed assignment no longer felt “relevant.”

Sara HabeinYou Can Do Better: In Defense of One “Ladyblog”

Takedown: Interpreting women

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Get ready for another two for one, because ridiculous crapdates keep sliding across my news feed in themes. This week’s theme: boys do boy things and girls do girl things, and oh yeah, the things that girls do are manipulative and frivolous. Hooray, gender-based stereotypes that reinforce the patriarchy!

SusanTakedown: Interpreting women

Takedown: Wife Her

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Ugggggh. There are few things that make me grimace like woman-on-woman hate, or something that is clearly designed to pit women against each other. I always wonder about the person who created the picture in the first place – I have a sneaking suspicion they are created by women looking for a boost to their own self-worth based on making other … Read More

SusanTakedown: Wife Her

The Myth of the Tuition Bubble

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It’s all over the place. ABC: “Is College Tuition The Next Bubble?”, The Consumerist: “When Will The College Tuition Bubble Burst?”, Policy Archive: “A Tuition Bubble? Lessons From the Housing Bubble”, The New Republic: “A Radical Solution For America’s Worsening College Tuition Bubble”. You can’t avoid it, and it’s become conventional wisdom. Tuition is rising at unbelievable rates, way faster than … Read More

SusanThe Myth of the Tuition Bubble

Takedown: Divided We Stand

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This week, two separate crapdates have made their way in front of my eyes, but they are essentially the same. I’ll start with the shorter one:

SusanTakedown: Divided We Stand

Takedown: Won’t Somebody Think of the Privileged?

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I’ve been getting too angry at my computer screen lately, so this week’s takedown is something that made me burst out laughing when I saw it. I mean, sure, it’s still craptastic, and there is a lot to talk about, but – well, you’ll see. It’s funny.

SusanTakedown: Won’t Somebody Think of the Privileged?