30 Years of Music, The Bonus Round: 1982

Oh, you thought we were done with 30 Years of Music last week, did you? Why, no! Of course we need a bonus round. Because I started this column near the end of 2012, 30 years from that point would be 1982, so it’s only fitting to bring myself back for one more retro round. We’ve got a wealth of not-so-recent musical riches, so let’s get to it.

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30 Years of Music: 1984

After the smashing amount of great music to choose from in 1983, 1984 was a little easier for me to narrow down to ten picks. Yes, it’s the year that everyone made the same Orwellian joke, and the year that Van Halen made sure to release that so-titled album in January, but my most-loved songs from this time head in a different direction. Once again, I must point out that I am not trying to make a definitive list of the “Greatest” songs from each year, but rather curate an unnumbered collection of personal favorites, while still attempting to be concise.

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