Being a TCK: a Summary

Due to time constraints (as in, I have almost no time these days), I’m going to wrap up this series of articles on what it is like to be a TCK (third culture kid). To be someone who was born one place and raised in another place (or places) is to be someone who is caught in the middle of many cultures and who finds herself or himself attempting to reconcile so many facets of a complex life. I have already discussed several topics connecting to being a TCK, so in this article, I’ll attempt to tie them all together through a summary and collection of my own experiences. Read More Being a TCK: a Summary

Being a TCK: Privilege

It wasn’t until I recently hung out with some fellow TCKs that I realized that this topic, although very uncomfortable to discuss, ought to be brought up. As much as TCKs can relate to the cultures in which they grow up – the ones that aren’t their “home” cultures – that does not make them truly a part of that culture, especially if they carry privilege with them. Read More Being a TCK: Privilege

Being a TCK: the Chameleon Effect

In my last article, I discussed the concept of saudade and how it applies to TCKs (third culture kids). In this article, I’m going to discuss the chameleon effect and the ways that it plays out in our lives. The chameleon effect is a simpler concept to describe than saudade as it is merely a term for blending in, much like the lizard of the same name. Read More Being a TCK: the Chameleon Effect

Being a TCK: “Saudade”

Saudade is a unique Portuguese word with no immediate translation into English. It describes an emotional state of longing or deep nostalgia for something or someone that is not immediately present or may even be unattainable. Tied up in this is the idea that there can be no thorough resolution of this state, that the person experiencing saudade can not truly overcome this yearning. Only recently, did I discover this word and realize that it applies to me. Read More Being a TCK: “Saudade”