The Daily Goodie – 3/28

Welcome to another fantastic week at Persephone Magazine!  If you’re new, we’re so happy you found us! And if you’ve been around, thanks for sticking around!  We love our readers and commenters.  And to start us off this week in TDG, I just want to say “¦ thank you for being a friend. Read More The Daily Goodie – 3/28

TDG: Disney-fied Edition

So, even though it makes me a bad nerd, I have to admit that I had no idea what Sucker-Punch was when I first started seeing the trailer. I honestly thought it was an SNL skit or something. But no! Real movie. Read More TDG: Disney-fied Edition

TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

I’m starving, and I really want something that grew in the dirt to eat, so for this morning’s daily goodie I’ve found a whole bunch of gorgeous photos from my favorite photo source, morguefile.  Find all sorts of pretties after the break, 100% animal product free for our vegan reader friends.  Read More TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

TDG: Swoon-Worthy Libraries

So I know there’s been some debate on the internet among word nerds about the decision to own and embrace a Kindle. I know this post may make it seem like I’m picking a side, what with all the library porn and all, but it’s not the case. And not just because I don’t have the funding to buy one right now. Read More TDG: Swoon-Worthy Libraries