Balls To The Wall: How Pinball Can Save My Soul

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It is 1997. My mother is unhappy. She’s quietly contorting her face, pursing her lips and focusing her gaze on some inanimate object. I used to think this was meant to dismiss me, to erase me from the room, but I learned, after bringing home a report card of mostly Cs that this was actually a magnanimous show of mercy … Read More

DoubleCakesBalls To The Wall: How Pinball Can Save My Soul

The Samsung Fascinate

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Like most people, I didn’t know I needed a smart phone until I got one. Within twenty minutes of owning one, I knew my life would never be the same. “Oh? There’s an email on that? Let me see..” BAM! Read it on my Smart Phone “You need that phone number? I’ll Google it for you…” ZOOM! Googled on my … Read More

[E] Sally J. FreedmanThe Samsung Fascinate