Taylor Swift Can’t Be the Voice (or Even a Voice) of a Generation

She was everywhere, and then she was everywhere. I cannot get away from Taylor Swift. And while I’ve never particularly liked her (mainly because I think she’s a middling (at best) singer and a feeble songwriter), lately my ire’s been growing, and I’ve gone from mid-level annoyance to pre-wrath. She’s just so”¦drippy. And that’s all fine and good for a cheesy pop singer who’s treated as a cheesy pop singer, but when a cheesy pop singer begins to take over the world, it stops being fine and good. Continue reading

Flashback OT: The Humiliation of 1990

This week, a friend’s son got his driver’s license – on the second try. Hearing that he didn’t pass the first time brought me back to an afternoon in 1990 that I will never forget. My stomach still turns a little when I think about it. It, of course, if you haven’t guessed, was the afternoon that my 16.5-year-old self didn’t pass my own driver’s exam. Continue reading