30 Years of Music: 2013 (So Far)

Yes, it does seem a bit silly to talk about 2013 in music when it’s only halfway done and dusted, but already I’ve heard some really excellent tunes. We’ve got a sturdy Top 10 this time, in no particular order, of all the songs that have excited me the most.

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30 Years of Music: 2004

2004! The year of my daughter’s birth, and also the year in which I felt like the decade really started to come into its own, musically. My personal favorites from this time skew a bit indie, yet I still include some popular tunes that I really dig. Let’s wander back, shall we?

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

It’s been a fun week in ladyblogland. Everyone’s thrilled with Obama’s election and I’ve been reading some great articles covering longer haired olds to feminism and cat-calling.

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