Why We’ll Miss “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell”

I admit, I was a pretty infrequent watcher of the show. I watched the way most people now watch TV, through YouTube clips, funny recaps, and even the lowest form of TV watching, gif recaps. But the announcement last week that Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell had been cancelled was pretty crushing. Other sites have more thoughtful and timely responses to the show’s cancellation. But, ven though I’m a little late to the internet news cycle, it’s important to continue to share shows like Totally Biased which was unappreciated in its short life. Continue reading

Starting “Breaking Bad” at the End

I’ve never been able to watch an entire season of a show over the span of a few days, because my eyes start to cross and I get antsy (I think my limit is three or four hour-long episodes in a row). However, I am finally jumping on the Breaking Bad bandwagon after years of everyone telling me how wonderful it is. I want to catch up before the final episodes start to air this Sunday, which means I need to basically give up on sleep and life to get through it in time.  Continue reading

The Problem of Repetition in The Office

NBC’s long-running sitcom The Office (available on Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus) ended earlier this year. Besides adding, “That’s what she said!” to the cultural lexicon, the show provided insight into just what it means to work in an office. . . especially if one is male (and preferably white and heterosexual). Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper), a character added in Season 5, shows us in ways Pam, Jan, Kelly, Angela, and Phyllis cannot just what it means to be female. Continue reading