Persephone Book Club — The Hunger Games

After much hype and fanfare, or at the very least, excitement in the comment threads, Book Club weekend is upon us. Do you have your dog-eared, notated copy of Hunger Games already open, with topics you desperately need to raise? Are you eagerly awaiting next weekend’s big movie opening? Are you one of those Katniss backers tearing through Middlemarch Madness? Whoever you are, we want to hear your thoughts on The Hunger Games.

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Book Club Reminder Post

Book club, book club, book club! Are you excited yet? Two days, my friends, until the first meeting of our relaunched Persephone Book Club. We’ll be discussing Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. An open thread specifically for book discussion will be posted this Saturday, March 17th and remain open throughout the weekend.

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5 Books with Emily Heist Moss

1. Which book would you give to a poten­tial sig­nif­i­cant other?
It gets under my skin when really smart, well-educated, liberal guys never read books by women (the frequent exceptions being Atlas Shrugged and Harry Potter). I have a couple of go-to lady authored books I like to push on guys, but A Visit from the Goon Squad (Jennifer Egan) is a really good bet. Read More 5 Books with Emily Heist Moss

Imagining Race: The Hunger Games

Straight black hair, olive skin, and grey eyes.

Suzanne Collins’ description of her protagonist – brief, almost in passing – has ignited debate across the Internet, and surely beyond, about race and Hollywood. It would be nearly impossible to miss the discussions, even if you hadn’t read the books. Read More Imagining Race: The Hunger Games

The Amazing Books that Inspire Writerly Envy

Over Christmas vacation I read only one book, which is far fewer than I normally consume on long, lazy days, but it was the best book I’ve read in a very long time–Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys, which is a rare gem in that I loved it, but it didn’t elicit the usual “book envy” my favorites do. If any of you readers are aspiring writers, particularly of the poetry or fiction persuasion (and I know you’re out there!), then you know what I mean when I talk about “book envy”–that often-confusing mixture of both delight and jealousy that accompanies finishing a wonderful book, the type that makes you sigh, “I wish I had written that.” Read More The Amazing Books that Inspire Writerly Envy