The Myth of Modesty: Part Two

For introduction and previous posts in this series, please see Part One.

1) Is sexual arousal the same as lust, and is it a sin?

The blog post I’m responding to follows the assumption that:

A) Lust is sin.
B) Sexual arousal is lust.
C) Therefore, sexual arousal is sin.

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The Myth of Modesty: Part One

I have a bad habit: I like to read things that make me mad. What started in high school as reading’s ridiculous movie reviews during church (“implied off-screen naturalistic upper female nudity!”) has grown and morphed into a quirk I can’t shake. I read a lot of blogs I disagree with, spend a lot of time on ultra-right wing news sites, listen to vile people like Glenn Beck in the car (but not when my two-year-old daughter is with  me – I don’t want to expose her to that sort of thing!), and frequently stop on channels where televangelists are preaching. (That one annoys my husband quite a bit.) Read More The Myth of Modesty: Part One