News in Europe: Kiev Updates, Heatwave, Art Smuggling + More

Greetings, Persephoneers! Your regular News in Europe Unicorn, Karo, is still on vacation, and so you have me again. Let us take a look at the newsy bits that caught my interest this week, shall we?

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Science News: 12/3/13

I have so much cool stuff to tell y’all about this week! I’m totally geeking out about some cool volcanoes, new species, dinosaur poop, and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new segment on The Daily Show. Come geek out with me! There’s an iceberg gif! Read More Science News: 12/3/13

Science News: 8/20/13

It’s been a few weeks since we last covered science news, so I tried to just hit the highlights. What sort of highlights, you might ask? Pink planets, baby orangutans, the olinguito (obviously), and a bear hoedown. Get ready for the awesomeness! Read More Science News: 8/20/13

Earth Day!

Earth Day was yesterday, but the Earth is a pretty important piece of rock, so I figure it can get more than one day. Heck, the Earth deserves to get at least a week. Unfortunately, I’m not Queen of the World (side note: if you’re interested in helping with my grassroots campaign, please send your name and resume to AA, Future Queen of the World, care of Persephone, 3.14 Unicorn Way), so I can’t technically make Earth Day into Earth Week, but using this space, I’m going to try. Read More Earth Day!