What Makes a Feminist Movie?

Ah, a question close to my heart, and one that seems to arise time and time again for me. As I see it, there are three defining aspects of a film which could define it as feminist. Read More What Makes a Feminist Movie?

DEAR JOHN: An Open Letter to John Singleton

I am writing you a letter because I wanted to say “I love you.” I mean, it goes a little beyond that and it’s not a romantic thing, but it is a thing. I love you so much that I have been holding off writing you for, I dunno, 18 years. I keep waiting to find the right time to write you, but there really isn’t a good time for deep conversations, is there? Here. I’ll just rip off the Band-Aid and get this done. Read More DEAR JOHN: An Open Letter to John Singleton

Own It

In fifth grade, my best friend got a bra; I let my mom know that I definitely needed one more than my friend did, so we went shopping.  I got a Little Teen Miss white training bra with a pink bow, and I wore it and giggled when the boys tried to snap it.  In sixth grade, the novelty had worn off and I wore a bra only sometimes until another girl told me that I needed to wear one because I “jiggled.”  Read More Own It