Ladyghosts: We Stink This Week

We’ve been in a tizzy at the Persephone offices and we’ve all slacked on our ladyghost duties this week.  I’m here to promise we’ll all be back next week and fully on our game.  In the meantime, I made a lazy blogger post of You Tube videos on the other side of the cut.  Persephone bitches love videos. Read More Ladyghosts: We Stink This Week

We Interupt Today to Bring You This

Below the cut is the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special.  I know my fellow Whovians have probably already seen it, but I think we can agree it deserves as many homes on the web as it can get.  Also, there are people who write for this very blog who have not yet discovered The Doctor. Read More We Interupt Today to Bring You This

Creative Parents Make the Best Stuff

When I was a kid, I knew several neighborhood kids who had really creative parents.  One was a ventriloquist, one was an architect who designed his home in the fancy suburb up the street, a few were artists or musicians.  My parents, while awesome, weren’t really super creative.  They always encouraged my creativity, but they modeled a more (to them, anyway) practical lifestyle.  So I was always in awe of my friends who’s moms and dads had huge imaginations and talent to match.

In one of those random click-scroll moments while I was looking for a topic to write about for this post, I found this video of a marble run built around the perimeter of a really lucky kid’s room. I want one in my current room.  How soothing would it be to watch a marble roll around the room before you fell asleep every night?

There’s also an Instructables, the basic instructions are free, the detailed plans are for paid members.

Frieda Kahlo’s studio dollhouse.  This may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  All daughters should have a Frieda Kahlo’s Studio dollhouse.

Ooooh, look at the adorable tree house.  I’d live in a house like that for real.  Me, the cats, a big fluffy bed and a table for the laptop.  In a tree.

Speaking of adorable, if this were purple and made of Scrabble tiles and sequins, eight year old me would have loved this.

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And last but not least, grandparents gifted this entertainment center repurposed as a play kitchen for their 2 year old granddaughter.

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