Finding Self-Worth Outside Work

Adulthood is amazing in its capacity to throw you something completely new long after you think you’ve gotten it all figured out. Until young adulthood, your life is centered on a structure of evaluation and achievement: school, sports, or an activity that culminated in a show or recital by year’s end. For some, this stretches out into your early or even late twenties thanks to college or graduate school. Next, of course, is the working world and its attendant value judgments: performance evaluations, raises, structured praise. But what happens when you suddenly, unexpectedly step off the achievement train? Read More Finding Self-Worth Outside Work

Away from Home in Our Own Backyard

This past weekend was my daughter’s fall break from school. Does a kindergartener really need a “break” per se? I don’t know, but I’m sure her teacher appreciated a few days away from her charges. Read More Away from Home in Our Own Backyard