Mini-Reviews: “Who Done It?”, “Here I Go Again” and “Hooked”

When Chicago winter rears its ugly, black icy, snow swirly head, all I want to do is stay inside and read books. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to get the flu, but that happened last week. But you know the great thing about the flu (after I passed out for two days, that is)? I got to stay inside and read books! Here’s what’s currently in my Lucille Bluth tote bag, and a couple others I just finished. Read More Mini-Reviews: “Who Done It?”, “Here I Go Again” and “Hooked”

Tales from the Ledge: The Name of the Game is Regression

This has been a very weird summer, rife with uncertainty. More and more, I’ve turned to my chief coping mechanisms: writing and reading. I gravitate toward YA and romance when times get tough, and that’s definitely been true these past few months. After work, when I’m not at dance class or listening to a light rock DJ and her sappy love songs, I have my nose in my Nook. Read More Tales from the Ledge: The Name of the Game is Regression

Lunchtime Poll: Time Travel II

By a fluke of nature and temporary hiatus from the laws of physics, space and time, you’ve been granted the power to teleport to June 6 in either 2002 or 1992. You have 15 seconds to say something to your younger self before you boomerang back to the present.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Time Travel II

Why Lost is the Best TV Show Ever

Recently I have been re-watching Lost from the beginning. This is unusual for me. I see something once, I like it or I don’t and that’s it. It is extremely unusual for me to re-watch a movie or reread a book. For me, Lost is an exception to every rule, which is probably why I’m currently obsessed with re-watching it from the beginning and I must say: it’s even better the second time around. This has lead me to the conclusion: Lost is the BEST TV show EVER. I mean it. If you don’t believe me, keep reading for my top five reasons on why this is for sure true. Promise I’ll try to keep it spoiler free in case you haven’t seen it (poor you). Read More Why Lost is the Best TV Show Ever

Ladyguide: So You’re Having A Hysterectomy

So it’s time to send your uterus and/or ovaries away for not toeing the company line.  The Internet is full (and I mean full) of stories of women who’ve had the procedure, and there is no shortage of horror stories.  I’m here to help. Read More Ladyguide: So You’re Having A Hysterectomy

Cannabis Talk Time; A “Merry-juana” New Year

Happy 2011 everyone!

After a bit of a break to deal with some of Wash’s cancer issues we are back! We hope everyone has survived the winter holiday season intact and without any new bad incidents. In today’s episode our intrepid time travelers Wash and Tashi visit 2011 from 2010, discuss the holidays and a few tips and tricks for getting through it all without moving to a tropical island.
As always feel free to discuss below, in our forum, or you can Tweet us @CannabisTalkT