People You Meet in a Group Interview

Group interviews are a special brand of terrible. There is no great way to distinguish yourself without sounding like a complete asshole. Everyone is clearly in competition with each other and it’s all the worst parts of any reality competition. Forget empty collegial chatter, no one is here to make friends.

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How To Handle The Ignorant Colleague

It can happen at any time: the supposedly sane colleague (maybe one of the few you relied on for your sanity in the workplace) says something stupid. And not on the level of “White chocolate is the best” but more of something out there, like “Our country is being destroyed by immigrants.” What to do? Behind the cut, some helpful options in no particular order.

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How to Be the Best New Employee Ever

It’s your first week on a new job. You are the new kid in the cafeteria, the one unfamiliar with the lingo and the customs of this environment. You will be awkward. You will be a little too formal on Monday and a little too casual on Wednesday when you overcorrect. People will forget your name and they will stare at you in meetings. You will get lost on your way to every conference room and you will agonize over whether to sign your emails with “Thanks,” “Sincerely,” or just your name. You may get stuck in a stairwell.

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Elfity’s Beauty-O-Rama: Skin Edition!

For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or spend a lot of time performing skincare magic, I am a deceptively adamant beauty junkie. I love makeup, I love skincare products, I FREAKING ADORE nail polish. I blame a beauty-obsessed mother who instilled in me at quite a young age the value of Chanel lip gloss and the importance of eyebrow maintenance. I remember her lovingly chasing me about the house with a pair of tweezers, chirping, “Baby, come here! Let Mama do your eyebrows!” Tweezers are scary shit. Anyway, I’ve become somewhat of an encyclopedia of beauty tips, collected over the years from friends, family, and the bevy of magazines I collected for years until the aforementioned tweezer-wielding mother made me toss them all out. This week, I’m taking on skincare. Read More Elfity’s Beauty-O-Rama: Skin Edition!

Staycations!: The Ladyguide to Getting Away on a Budget

As an avid traveler, I spent a lot of time searching for vacation deals and ideas. With my current job as a preschool teacher, I find myself needing to de-stress a lot more often than I had to in the past. A European vacation every single time I felt overwhelmed by work would Read More Staycations!: The Ladyguide to Getting Away on a Budget

Your Interview Checklist

Congratulations! You made it to the interview stage of your job search. This could be the ONE, so what do you need to do to make sure that you are prepared enough not to show up 20 minutes late with a run in your nylons? Here are my top 5 tips for the night before and morning of the big day. Read More Your Interview Checklist

Women in Academia: Tips on Handling Stress

Sometimes, “stress” and “academia” seem synonymous. I know it’s not the only job with that distinction, but it is the job that I have the most experience with, and well, stress is absolutely not a stranger to me. In fact, I know stress as well as I know the incredibly huge number of deadlines I have to face in the coming weeks. Read More Women in Academia: Tips on Handling Stress