Raising Hope: One Flipflop Short

Once again, there is no new Parenthood tonight, which makes me sad. I did catch the last fifteen minutes of Glee, which was kind of amazing, but I’ll leave that review to Selena. Instead, I’m recapping Raising Hope, that quirky comedy that comes on after Glee each week. Read More Raising Hope: One Flipflop Short

Privilege and Otherness : Art to Stand On

Privilege is one of those words that says everything and nothing at all. It also sends those who are claimed to have privilege into a tizzy of explanations on how they didn’t create the system and how they can’t be blamed for society’s ills at large (FYI – it ain’t about you – more on that later!).  It’s loaded- as it should be, but it’s also a reality that doesn’t always go down easy (and yet easier than not having it for no good reason). Depending on context, it slides and slithers, but most often is blatant and loudly presented. Read More Privilege and Otherness : Art to Stand On

Ladyghosts: We Stink This Week

We’ve been in a tizzy at the Persephone offices and we’ve all slacked on our ladyghost duties this week.  I’m here to promise we’ll all be back next week and fully on our game.  In the meantime, I made a lazy blogger post of You Tube videos on the other side of the cut.  Persephone bitches love videos. Read More Ladyghosts: We Stink This Week

Gorgeous Alaskan Belly Dancers Wish You a Happy Wednesday

Good morning!  Only three shopping days left before Christmas, so we’re keeping it mellow and full of wordy comfort food for your brain today.  We’ve got a few articles on books, food and fashion so snuggle in with a cozy quilt and a cup of something hot, we’ll help you forget about the tizzy surrounding the holidays for a little while. Read More Gorgeous Alaskan Belly Dancers Wish You a Happy Wednesday

Arsenic and Losing Face

Scientists are all in a tizzy over the so-called arsenic-based bacteria NASA claims to have found in California’s Mono Lake (which Sara B. briefed us on earlier in the week), and those of us hoping for reassurance that we are not alone may have to take comfort in our well-worn E.T. VHS and our Aliens versus Predator comics. It would appear, based on the criticism of well-known biologists in America and Canada, that several flaws undermine the validity of the study, which is unlikely to stand the test of time and further exploration. Read More Arsenic and Losing Face