Friday News Bites: More LGBTQ Progress, Notable Obits + More

Happy Friday, everyone. Lots to cover this week with everything from 2015 Emmy nominations to new birth control laws to Pluto finally getting its close-up. Let’s get started: Read More Friday News Bites: More LGBTQ Progress, Notable Obits + More

PoC News in America

The Superbowl has come and gone, but the hilarity of Key & Peele’s Richard Sherman & Marshawn Lynch interview sketch lives on forever. Read More PoC News in America

Why 1994 Matters to Me: Part 2

Following up last week’s nostalgia trip is the last ten albums of 1994 that really stir up memories for me. This part of the list made me a little misty eyed again thinking about life and death. Thinking about mortality really gets to me sometimes and it’s been a hard week for me personally.  Read More Why 1994 Matters to Me: Part 2

FMK: Music Edition

It’s time to play fuck, marry, or kill! But instead of celebrities or characters, we’re going to have to choose between songs with the same name or theme.  Read More FMK: Music Edition

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

While misogyny rules the day, a few women are working to make the world a little better. Let’s see the battles we fought this week. Read More Dispatches from Ladyblogland

The (Semi) Learning Channel

“You know there are other channels besides TLC, right?” my boyfriend called from across the apartment. Oops. He had discovered my dirty little secret: My DVR filled with repeats of Say Yes to the Dress, Toddlers and Tiaras, and yes, even 19 Kids and Counting. I blamed it on my terrible cable package, that most of the time there was nothing else on, but the real truth is that I love “crap” TV. Read More The (Semi) Learning Channel

30 Years of Music: 1994

What a great year 1994 was for music. Once again, I’ve found it nearly impossible to limit myself to just ten great songs and have instead picked fifteen while still leaving out so many that I hope we’ll talk about in the comments. Let’s start with some more pop tracks and finish with the rock ‘n’ roll, yeah?

Read More 30 Years of Music: 1994